About Export It

First, there's a complete Control Panel module, which allows for export of members, channel entries, mailing lists and comments. You have a variety of export formats available depending on which type of data you're trying to export which are JSON, XML, ExpressionEngine Member XML, Disqus XML Excel TSV files.

The Export It Template Tags allow you to craft your exports exactly as you need it. You can export Channel Entries, Member data, Matrix data, Mailinglist info, and Channel Files data using simple ExpressionEngine template tags.

The other side is the REST API. The REST API allows common HTTP REST requests to be performed against your ExpressionEngine site to return data in either JSON or XML formats. The REST API works against channel entries, mailing lists, comments and members. Future updates will include Category, Forum and others. (If you'd like your add-on to have methods please let me know.)


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