A Tad Bit o' History

mithra62 was founded in 2011 by Eric Lamb as an online repository for his side projects and quickly took a life of its own. Starting out, mithra62 exclusively served the ExpressionEngine communities selling products like Backup Pro, Securit:ee, and Export It. Now, after over 4 years in business, mithra62 has products for both ExpressionEngine and Craft, as well as being responsible for both MojiTrac and VITY. mithra62 is constantly evolving to best innovate on Internet based technologies and products with no real end game in sight. Yet.

Eric Lamb has been developing websites and online applications since the heady days of 2002 where we had silly nonsense like DHTML, Netscape Navigator, IE4, and NO standards or technologies like jQuery, JSON, or Ajax. or off the shelf software. Eric with a sunburn... A time where it was not only acceptable, but also encouraged, to label your site with "This site best used in IE 3+" banners. And let's not forget about ActiveX Controls... *shudder*.

Eric started doing web development for the fitness industry in 2002 eventually ending up in the entertainment industry, working for a marketing company in Los Angeles as Director of Technology at StreetWise Concepts & Culture, before going into contract work full time in 2010. Eric has done work for Warner Brothers, Activision, Nokia, FUEL TV, and a bunch of other fancy schmancy companies.

Back in 2011, when mithra62 was first launched, there were really only 2 commercial products at the time: CT Admin, an administrative interface for CartThrob (an e-commerce solution for ExpressionEngine) and Backup Pro for taking backups of an ExpressionEngine site. Eventually, the stable of products grew to include 4 other commercial ExpressionEngine projects, Backup Pro for Craft, and a decent offering of open source solutions.

Now, mithra62 focuses on a wide range of offerings. ExpressionEngine Add-ons, Craft Plugins, of course MojiTrac & VITY, and soon Backup Pro on WordPress are all brought to you by mithra62.

Startups & Partnerships

Outside of the above, mithra62 (Eric Lamb) is also a principle with the web agency Mineral, in Burbank California, founder of project management company MojiTrac, and social marketplace VITY.

Some Alt Tag VITY Launch Party (May 9th, 2015)

Conferences and Events

mithra62 is a prominent speaker and sponsor for technology conferences and events Some Alt Tag including the ExpressionEngine Conferent and Peers Conference. Usually focusing on security and performance, mithra62 is often invited to speak at conferences & events around the United States.