Dear friends,

This has been fun, right? 6+ years of building my own destiny with you all has been an absolute treat. Even better, I'm proud of what I've created here. I've learned so much about, well, everything really; programming, bizdev, marketing, design, creative, humanity, social dynamics, and on and on.

But, sadly, I feel like I have taken mithra62 as far as I can in its current iteration while my other endeavors take more and more of my focus. So it's with a great sense of, if I'm being honest, fucking terror, that I announce the close of mithra62 as an add-on provider. Nothing to buy here anymore :(

I'll be back, no doubt, just not as (*looks around site chrome*) THIS. But I'm not taking my toys and going home. That'd be a dickish move, wouldn't it? So I'm releasing everything I've done under mithra62 under the MIT license to do with whatever you want.

It's going to take me some time to document everything properly, so please bear with me, but the source code will be available under the mithra62 Github account. Below you can download the completed catalog ready for use:

Backup Pro

Backup Pro (ExpressionEngine 2)
Backup Pro (ExpressionEngine 3)
Backup Pro (Craft 2)
Backup Pro (WordPress)
Backup Pro (PrestaShop)
Backup Pro (Concrete5)

ExpressionEngine 2 Only

Securit:ee (ExpressionEngine 2)
Automat:ee (ExpressionEngine 2)
Export It (ExpressionEngine 2)
Entry Analytics (ExpressionEngine 2)

So long, and thanks for the fish.