Backup Pro 3.4 Change Log

Backup Pro 3.4 (Jul 26, 2016)

  • Updates to use Jaeger PHP Framework
  • Fixes escape issue on Php backup columns
  • Adds debug hidden config setting
  • Adds configurable log path hidden config setting
  • Adds timed progress logging
  • Adds ErrorHandler object to backup methods
  • Adds service layer awareness to Backups library
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Backup Pro 3.3.1 (Jun 22, 2016)

  • Adds prefix to database engine object names for php7 name issues
  • Throws exception if the temp file can't be found on mysqldump backup
  • Adds dynamic config for addon.setup.php file (EE3)
  • Removes alert box from settings view (EE3)
  • Fixes table layout for column width on backup list table (EE3)
  • Fixes build to remove cli config file (WP)
  • Fixes error output of file backup past expectation error (WP)
  • Fixes admin URL to fix sub direction installation issue (WP)
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Backup Pro 3.3 (May 27, 2016)

  • Adds Concrete5 Version
  • Adds REST API Server
  • Fixes bug with backup limits not executing
  • Adds abstraction to handle Platform included SwiftMailer
  • Adds abstraction for db restore engines
  • Adds abstraction to use polymorphic rules on settings validation
  • Removes restriction for valid license for Console routing
  • Adds check all for checkboxes across Platforms
  • Adds SQL Format validation to database backup SQL string executions
  • Disables progress writing for 2.5X speed increase
  • Fixes console backup cleanup limits not working for db backups
  • Ensures working directory is always called from full path
  • Removes ping home for license validation
  • Fixes delete directory method not working for some users
  • Sets PDO to be default DB engine if available
  • Removes check for path existence on connect validation
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Backup Pro 3.2.3 (Feb 08, 2016)

  • Updates for PHP7
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Backup Pro 3.2.2 (Feb 01, 2016)

  • Adds PDO Database use
  • Updates backup and restore database PHP engines to use mithra62\Db object
  • Fixes strict standard issue with restore and backup database methods not matching
  • Removes old db object for Backup execution use
  • Removes explicit encoding on full strings
  • Updates restore prototype for integrity
  • Adds db object to Settings validation object
  • Updates integrity database name validation to use new DB object
  • Moves View Helpers into namespaced object
  • Creates stand alone Smarty and Twig BackupPro view helper objects
  • Adds region dropdown option for Amazon S3 storage
  • Adds optional prefix for Rackspace storage
  • Changes Google Cloud Storage icon to use actual logo
  • Updates file backup method to return the file path to the backup on completion
  • Updates default chunk limit to 2500
  • Fixes Cron notification email for file backup
  • Fixes bug with SFTP connect validation rule not firing
  • Updates case sensitive object use statement for mail object
  • Adds WP Mail SMTP plugin support for WordPress
  • Adds escaping view helper
  • Adds universal form erorr output
  • Moves view logic into trait for abstraction to platform objects
  • moves twig extension into View namespace
  • Updates Mustache helpers to not use tooltips
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Backup Pro 3.2.1 (Dec 22, 2015)

  • Adds bypass on backup removal for "locked" backups
  • Adds setting value for flagging backups for use in auto restore
  • Adds default setting for table based backup chunk limits
  • Fixes bug with chunk limit not being set from BP setting value
  • Corrects placement of database specific overrides for table grouping
  • Adds base setter and getter for table based grouping
  • Fixes post backup procedures not firing
  • Moves ignore database assets to main Database object (no longer engine specific)
  • Moves removeWhiteSpace method to main database backup object
  • Changed DbInterface for backupTable method so it no longer flags data backup
  • Adds restore.js
  • Adds copy for js restore
  • Adds table layout to database restore confirm
  • Adds time formatting to execution time rendering
  • Fixes bug with wrong nav being highlighted on db restore actions (Craft)
  • Fixes bad checkbox default on CP login check setting (EE2)
  • Updates restore menu to highlight db backups (EE2)
  • Adds module key for PrestaStore (PrestaShop)
  • Adds Integrity Agent missed backup notification messages to CP (PrestaShop)
  • Updates time formatting on backup table (WP)
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Backup Pro 3.2 (Dec 15, 2015)

  • Release for Prestashop Version
  • Adds Dropbox Storage Engine
  • Adds SFTP Storage Engine
  • Adds Console Backup / Integrity routing
  • Passes an instance of the Service Manager to Storage Engines on validation
  • Adds checks to prevent Local Storage from being able to set the Working Directory as the Backup Store Location
  • Adds rule to ensure the Working directory can't be set to a local storage path
  • Sets exiting settings to Settings Validation object
  • Adds check for existing storage location to handle deleted locations for existing backups
  • Adds relative time view helper
  • Adds default format to current time method
  • Removes PHPMail
  • Adds Swiftmailer
  • Adds explicit check for SMTP mailtype
  • Abstracts methods for backup state by backup type
  • Adds error methods for displaying backup state issues
  • Adds email notification on backup state issues
  • Updates WordPress Controller to use backup state error methods
  • Adds error compiling for integrity agent
  • Adds flag to toggle regular expressions on file exclusion
  • Fixes bug with exclude tables randomly not applying to db backups
  • Takes ignored data and tables into account for db uncompression stats
  • Adds jQuery for enabling chunk limit
  • Updates backup time taken output to use human friendly syntax (hour, minutes, seconds)
  • Adds Console description for -B option
  • Adds inline error output to file backup route if no locations were configured
  • Adds tertiary digit to version number
  • Adds check for actual details file data before passing to storage parser
  • Adds licenses to JS
  • Fixes table sorting for backup details (EE2)
  • Updates styling to use EE3 guidelines (EE3)
  • Adds EE3 error styling to global error output (EE3)
  • Changes global errors to use banner style (EE3)
  • Adds masked url call to license link (EE3)
  • Fixes styling on table columns (EE3)
  • Disables Backup Pro on instances on WP CLI (WP)
  • Fixes bug with backup remove displaying storage remove messaging (WP)
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Backup Pro 3.1.3 (Nov 09, 2015)

  • Updates backup database to use forced file name
  • Adds validation rule for Cron query key setting
  • Adds validation rule for auto threshold to require a number
  • Adds support for Geometry column types in database backups
  • Adds validation rule for db restore method to require mysqlcli command
  • Adds additional browser tests for settings views
  • Updates backup file location to allow regex for validation
  • Updates exclude path to allow regex for validation
  • Trims value on cron notify validation to ensure new lines and empty spaces aren't validated against
  • Updates integrity agent email validation to show which emails are invalid
  • Updates Email Storage to validate attachment threshold
  • Adds validation rules to ftp storage location to force numeric values on port and timeout fields
  • Adds validation requirement on Storage Locations to always require at least 1 location be active
  • Adds validation requirement on Storage Locations to always require at least file backup storage 1 location be active
  • Adds validation requirement on Storage Locations to always require at least database backup storage 1 location be active
  • Adds view abstraction messaging
  • Removes EE specific copy
  • Updates copy to be consistent with BP3 (Craft)
  • Adds id to buttons (Craft, EE2)
  • Updates storage engine form to allow for error validation (Craft)
  • Updates no backup messaging to be consistent (EE2, EE3, WP)
  • Fixes invalid ID on prune location checkbox for storage locations (EE3)
  • Fixes backup note JS issues (EE3)
  • Fixes S3 view rendering issue (WP)
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Backup Pro 3.1.2 (Oct 04, 2015)

  • Adds method to return the db error message
  • Adds ticks to count query method on table name
  • Adds abstraction to handle column types in database backups
  • Adds support for Geometry column types in database backups
  • Fixes bug with newline settings being set to raw serialized strings on storage location updates
  • Fixes bug with local storage updates validating against itself for existing location path
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Backup Pro 3.1.1 (Aug 24, 2015)

  • Release of Wordpress Version
  • Removes pass by reference from PHP database engine on row looping
  • Removes mktime() calls on backup naming to remove strict errors
  • Adds validation to check for working directory
  • Adds check for readability on file backup to prevent fatal errors
  • Adds additional settings for planned auto updates on core, plugin, and theme updates/installs
  • Updates Platform interface to pass settings array to BP methods
  • Removes call to clean_bp_errors() jQuery
  • Refactors verification database validation rule to prevent error logging on bad db sets
  • Adds validation rule to ensure the test verification table is empty and contains no tables
  • Adds requirement for passing settings to cron methods on Platform instantiation
  • Adds system encryption key to encryption tasks
  • Adds check for storage_locations integrtiy since the encryption locations can fail
  • Adds ability to set settings overrides
  • Adds checks for valid email with graceful exit
  • Moves AbstractPlatform to proper namespace
  • Adds platform encryption key to encryption service
  • Adds cron query key requirement for all URL based Cron requests
  • Changes backup views to require "working directory" and "storage locations" be setup before backups can occur
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Backup Pro 3.1 (Aug 06, 2015)

  • Finalizes Integrity Agent redesign
  • Finalizes View Helper abstraction
  • Refactors View libraries to add additional Mustache helpers
  • Release for ExpressionEngine
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Backup Pro 3.0 (Jul 29, 2015)

  • Complete, ground up, rewrite
  • Craft Specific Version Available
  • Adds Storage Location Paradigm
  • Adds automatic removal of duplicate backups
  • Removes md5 hash from default view of backup
  • Adds Mustache for templating of notifications
  • Adds deep form validation for all settings
  • Refactors auto removal to process after backup instead of before
  • Removes all ExpressionEngine specific settings and logic
  • Adds polymorphic Storage Engine paradigm for easy(ish) extensibility
  • Removes ability to attach backups to Cron backup email notifications
  • Adds Email Storage Location
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Backup Pro 2.1.2 (Jul 23, 2015)

  • Removes hard coded exp_ for db tables
  • Adds missing integrity agent cron action
  • Disables integrity check on CP login by default
  • Adds explicit loading of EE email library
  • Adds integrity agent action install to EE update method
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Backup Pro 2.1.1 (Jun 19, 2015)

  • Fixes bug wtih checkboxes not saving
  • Fixes bug wtih backup process sending complete signal before it's ready
  • Adds explicit call to load the email helper in the notification library
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Backup Pro 2.1 (Feb 17, 2015)

  • Adds EE < 2.6 compatibility
  • Moves add-on details to external config file
  • Adds methods for Integrity check on file content
  • Updates remove directory method to work better
  • Adds timers to database backup
  • Adds database verification method
  • Adds benchmarking to file backup
  • Adds visual confirmation of backup status to MCP
  • Updates URLs for help
  • Adds Cron commands to Integrity Agent
  • Updates S3 logic to handle explicit bucket accessing permission friendly
  • Adds output error for bucket connection on S3
  • Adds setting to disable backup state verification on CP login
  • Adds setting to set how many backups to verify at any given time
  • Adds peak memory usage logging to backup details
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Backup Pro 2.0.1 (Nov 21, 2014)

  • Fixes issue with Cron notification email subject for backup type
  • Adds ability to write out a temp my.cnf file to secure mysqldump backup and mysql restore types
  • Fixes Integrity Agent settings form to allow for removal
  • Fixes restore method when ID wasn't valid
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Backup Pro 2.0 (Oct 28, 2014)

  • Adds Dashboard View
  • Adds File Backup View
  • Adds Database Backup View
  • Adds Backup Note Capability
  • Adds Remote Status Icons
  • Adds MD5 Hash Output
  • Adds Relative Time
  • Adds Integrity Agent
  • Adds space usage statistics to BP2
  • Adds BP logo to error message
  • Adds error output to backup progress page of BP2
  • Adds error check to ensure at list 1 backup exists at all times
  • Adds check for notification array on Cron emails
  • Adds database backup exclude table and data configuration
  • Adds database backup arbitrary SQL injection configuration
  • Adds database backup arbitrary SQL execution configuration
  • Adds Cron Email Notification customization
  • Adds Test Cron functionality
  • Adds Google Cloud Storage remote option
  • Updates all multi select form elements to Chosen
  • Updates Settings Section into individual groups
  • Adds new hooks
  • Changes Backup Control Panel process to require manual execution
  • Moves all JavaScript to external theme setup
  • Updates Remove Backup view to display backup details
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Backup Pro 1.9.4 (Mar 03, 2014)

  • Fixes JSON deprecation notices (thanks EE!)
  • Fixes issue with page titles in CP
  • Removes restriction on editing settings if config overrides are found
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Backup Pro 1.9.3 (Jun 23, 2013)

  • Fixes Export It API method error about path not being set
  • Adds explicit checks for write-ability of backup folders
  • Sets default db backup engine to PHP to prevent conflicts
  • Adds remote auto pruning configuration
  • Adds option to set `mysql` and `mysqldump` CLI commands
  • Added default settings for missing remote option over rides
  • Adds sanity check to ensure we can use the `system()` function for SQL backup/restore and set to PHP accordingly
  • Abstracted settings to main library for caching
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Backup Pro 1.9.2 (Apr 29, 2013)

  • Adds type checking to SQL builder for PHP backup to allow for NULL and integers
  • Removed forceful utf-8 calls on restore and backup strings for PHP DB backup engine
  • Added INSERT grouping to reduce individual query execution on restore for PHP backup
  • Fixed progressbar and ajax requests locking due to php session
  • Adds work around for mysqldump and file pruning conflict
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Backup Pro 1.9.1 (Apr 27, 2013)

  • Converts progress bar script to Deferreds. Also implements error handling method stubs
  • Progress bar script made synchronous and also reduced delay to 1s
  • Fixed issue with db mysql restore not working properly
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Backup Pro 1.9 (Apr 12, 2013)

  • Adds Brazilian and Spanish language packs
  • Removes from backups folder
  • Adds in mysqldump db backup option
  • Adds Tools menu to CP
  • Adds disable_accordions setting option
  • Adds menu extension for Backups under Tools
  • Adds MySQL Restore option
  • Adds heading to settings table columns
  • Changes DB name delimiter variable to public
  • Updates MCP for EE 2.6
  • Adds breadcrumb navigation to CP module
  • Updates main backup page title
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Backup Pro 1.8.6 (Jun 14, 2012)

  • Added custom date format setting option
  • Fixed bug with CF and Safemode
  • Added remote pruning for all remote options
  • Included Werner's German language file to official repo
  • Added language keys for restore variables
  • Added drop down for Auto Threshold form field with custom JS
  • Added backup limit checks to module file
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Backup Pro 1.8.5 (Apr 21, 2012)

  • Fixed bug with progressbar not taking compression into account on large archives
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Backup Pro 1.8.4 (Feb 01, 2012)

  • Added Maximum Backup limits
  • Added override config option for settings
  • Fixed Backup Progress page on fast backups outpacing the JS
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Backup Pro 1.8.3 (Dec 16, 2011)

  • Fixed filter_var() issues
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Backup Pro 1.8.2 (Dec 15, 2011)

  • Fixed FTP Directory bug
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Backup Pro 1.8.1 (Oct 07, 2011)

  • UK Rackspace cloud storage
  • Interface updates
  • Added Help Tab support for documentation
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Backup Pro 1.8 (Sep 20, 2011)

  • Rackspace cloud storage
  • ExpressionEngine hooks
  • Interface updates
  • Updated Windows Server and IIS support
  • Various edge bug fixes include openbase_dir work arounds
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Backup Pro 1.7 (Sep 08, 2011)

  • Added MSM Support
  • Added Unlimited File Directory Backup
  • Added setting lock-down by group
  • Improved progress bar progress and jQuery code
  • Added Windows IIS/Apache Support
  • Improved MySQL strict-mode support
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Backup Pro 1.6.4 (Aug 17, 2011)

  • Fixed issues with PHP 5.1.6
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Backup Pro 1.6.3 (Aug 10, 2011)

  • Fixed nasty file exclusion bug
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Backup Pro 1.6.2 (Jul 29, 2011)

  • Updated Help tab config
  • Updated docs
  • Changed language for auto_prune_threshold
  • Added bypass to zip process for files that aren't readable to PHP
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Backup Pro 1.6.1 (Jul 27, 2011)

  • Bug fix for Pclzip duplication
  • Included documentation
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Backup Pro 1.6 (Jul 20, 2011)

  • Added progress bars to manual backup process
  • Fixed Pclzip conflicts with main EE include
  • Fixed duplicate function errors on edge cases
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Backup Pro 1.5 (Jul 11, 2011)

  • Added Amazon S3 support
  • Fixed random UTF-8 issues with database backup
  • Added system logging
  • Fixed function_exists errors with Zip library
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Backup Pro 1.4 (Jul 05, 2011)

  • Added remote FTP support
  • Updated pretty filenames to include timestamp
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Backup Pro 1.3.1 (Jun 30, 2011)

  • Fixed bug with PHP short tags in view scripts
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