About Securit:ee

Securit:ee is a security suite for ExpressionEngine 2. Securit:ee adds a number of security enhancements to ExpressionEngine including:

Improved Forgot Password Template Tags

Allow your users to use best practices when it comes to changing their passwords. Instead of resetting a password Securit:ee sends a confirmation code, that auto expires, and allows users to set their own passwords

Stand Alone Change Password Template Tags

Makes changing a password a breeze. Uses ExpressionEngine's own rule set and validation rules with inline error messages.

Security Scanner

Makes sure your site is configured properly

File Monitor

To look for and notify site administrators of unauthorized modifications to the file system

Control Panel and Client Side IP Locker

Makes sure access to the Control Panel or Client Side only happens from authorized locations

Control Panel Login Alert

Sends an email when someone logs into your control panel so you know if someone's compromised your site.

CP Quick Deny

The CP Quick Deny allows Super Admins to quickly remove Control Panel access for specific user groups. Very useful for keeping clients out of the CP when updates are under being tested or pushed.

Encryption Fieldtype

Store sensitive data within ExpressionEngines channel entries with sanity. Encrypts and decrypts data based on user groups for extra flexibility. The Encryption FT is Safecracker, Matrix, Zenbu, and Freeform Pro compatible as well.

Expiring Password

Ensure your ExpressionEngine members change their password on a regular schedule. Used in both the Control Panel, for administrators, as well as the front site using the included template tags. 

Securit:ee is under constant development with frequent updates to keep your site as safe and secure as possible.


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