About CT Admin

CT Admin is a CartThrob store management panel, allowing for order, customer, and product management as well as reporting, import, and data export.

  • View all orders
  • Edit order
  • Delete orders
  • Print Invoice
  • Packing Slip
  • Export orders to TSV or CSV
  • Export customers to TSV or CSV
  • Low Stock Report with TSV or CSV
  • Customizable Import System
  • View all customers
  • View all customer orders
  • View customer details
  • Customers are linked with their EE member profile
  • Monthly History Report with Excel
  • Summary Report (view sales for the day, month and year)
  • Product Sum Report (how much have you made from each product) with Excel

*NOTE that because CartThrob makes no direct link between users and customers a customer within CartThrob Admin requires an email address at the least.

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