About Backup Pro

Redundant, simple, and reliable backup for Wordpress, ExpressionEngine (2 & 3), and CraftCMS websites. Backup Pro adds simple, 1 click, file and database backup and database restoration. Backup Pro allows for abstract and redundant storage of your backups through any combination of Local Storage, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Cloud Storage, FTP, and even an Email Inbox (if that's your thing).

Both the file and database backups are compressed into the popular zip file format to save space and are readily available for download and extraction on any platform (Windows, Mac, *nix). Backup Pro allows you to finely configure how your backups are stored, and will even monitor your usage and manage it for you. You can set how many file and/or database backups to store as well as how much hard disk space to use for your backups; and any combination of the 2. Backup Pro will remove the oldest backups first, ensuring you always have the most recent backups available.

With Backup Pro you can sync your backups with both a remote FTP server, Amazon S3, and Google Cloud Storage, for that extra protection. Remember; redundancy isn't a bad thing when it comes to your data.


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Backup Pro(ish)


Not everyone's ready to take the plunge and buy something as powerful as Backup Pro.