To install Backup Pro you follow the same steps as any other ExpressionEngine add-on:

  1. Unzip the download
  2. Upload the extracted folder to your ExpressionEngine third party folder usually located at:
  3. Navigate to your Add-Ons management page and choose Modules
  4. Select Backup Pro from the list and click install.

You'll also have to make sure that the directory "backups" and all it's contents are writable by the webserver but Backup Pro will let you know if it's not.


Because Backup Pro stores sensitive information in the form of FTP and Amazon S3 credentials an encryption key within ExpressionEngine needs to be set. If your installation doesn't already have one set all you have to do is open up your config.php file and paste the below variable inside:

$config['encryption_key'] = "YOUR KEY SHOULD BE LONG AND RANDOM";

See the Codeigniter documentation for details.

Backup Pro also requires that PHP have the Zip library available for the Database Restore process to work.

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Klauss says:

Hei guys. I bought your Backup PRo, but the problem is that when i add the encryption key. it is still showing me the erorr in the cpanel. 2.6.1 ee and lastest backup pro.

Yet i can’t make it work.. I added encryption key but still can’t pass that message

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Matt says:

When adding the encryption key to the config.php file note that EE has a blank encryption key set by default ( ~ around line 250). You will need to add the key to this to get the module to work.