Export It 1.4.3 Change Log

Export It 1.4.3 (Nov 21, 2014)

  • Updates Export It to use m62_theme_url() helper
  • Fixes bug with member_id and grouping on export
  • Fixes bug with missing mailinglist limit key missing
  • Abstracts settings update
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Export It 1.4.2 (Oct 30, 2014)

  • Adds grouping to Export It member library
  • Disables accordions
  • Updates error message to use Export It logo
  • Adds missing newsletter template data method
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Export It 1.4.1 (Oct 11, 2014)

  • Updates Channel Data library to use prefixing
  • Fixes Export It config override and disable_accordion setting
  • Removes disabling for form elements if config overrides are found
  • Adds theme package
  • Fixes issue with date_range and member data export in Export It
  • Adds Grid FT support
  • Lowers Export It CP menu extension priority to allow for easier override
  • Fixes bug with do_hash method
  • Adds localization support
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Export It 1.4 (Jan 21, 2014)

  • Fixed page titles for EE 2.7 compatibility
  • Adds sort parameter and implements limit and page parameters (experimental!)
  • Added ability for all template tags to use CURRENT_USER as parameter value
  • Adds settings for displaying each CP menu list
  • Fixed issue with deprecated json from EE's nonsense
  • Adds named_labels parameter to channel_entries template tag
  • Adds categories to channel entry export template tag and CP export
  • Updates Member_data class to use proper hashing function
  • Adds get_list_id and subscribe methods to Mailinglist_data class
  • Adds db prefix to mailing list data
  • Adds language copy to menu settings
  • Fixes issue with sorting of channel statuses
  • Adds utilities helper loading to Channel data library
  • Cleans up Freeform_data.php documentation
  • Formats valid_operators property for readability
  • Adds PHPExcel optional override for Excel export
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Export It 1.3.1 (Apr 30, 2013)

  • Added CDATA wrappers to EE XML export nodes
  • Fixes issue with menu updates on non existent elements
  • Fixes first layer element language key issue
  • Fixes issue with menu array overwriting Tools menu manipulations
  • Adds div stub to fix issue with 2.6 and JS errors on datatables
  • Removes all references to set_variable to shut the developer log up
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Export It 1.3 (Jan 15, 2013)

  • Fixed bug with photo_filename missing from key index
  • Added "where:xxxx" param option for channel_entries
  • Added custom filename parameter to module tags
  • Fixed issue with member_photo errors
  • Added exclude parameter to template tags
  • Added memory limit prevention
  • Added default searching on "bad" field names
  • Added Freeform export template tags
  • Added Freeform data to API
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Export It 1.2.1 (Dec 03, 2012)

  • Fixed bug with config file and extension not loading
  • Added extension to modify CP menu with Export links
  • Fixed bug with deprecated functionality being used
  • Added Channel defaults for Channel Entries Export in the CP
  • Updated Channel_data class to do a join to access member data
  • Added author_id as search parameter to channel_entries API
  • Fixed bug with Channel click filtering not resetting status and category fields
  • Added default status and category field options on channel_id selection
  • Fixed category options on channel entries export
  • Updated member photo_filename to use full URL to photo
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Export It 1.2 (Sep 19, 2012)

  • Updated Playa parsing to return related Title and url_title
  • Added module export methods for members
  • Added module export methods for channel entries
  • Added module export methods for matrix
  • Added module export methods for mailinglist
  • Added module export methods for channel files
  • Added module export methods for channel files download data
  • Fixed bug with member data date formats
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Export It 1.1.3 (Jul 26, 2012)

  • Fixed issues with Disqus Export
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Export It 1.1.2 (Jun 03, 2012)

  • Removed tmp docs from repo
  • Added user settings for list limits and date formats
  • Fixed bad css
  • Cleaned up settings page and structure
  • Fixed Member complete_select bug not being active
  • Removed duplicate settings from settings_model
  • Fixed missing template header cells
  • Added missing language for license_number
  • Added flag for removing most channel_titles data
  • Fixed Excel Matrix duplication issue
  • Added category to filtering for channel entries
  • Updated code API comments
  • Added date formatting to members and channel entry export
  • Fixed issues with mailinglist check for activation
  • Fixed issues with mailinglist CP module
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Export It 1.1.1 (May 02, 2012)

  • Fixed MySQL strict issues
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Export It 1.1 (Mar 19, 2012)

  • Added visual filtering to CP Export
  • Added pagination, limits and ordering parameters to all API methods
  • Added Excel Export to Channel Entries and Comments
  • Added status filter and keyword search to Channel Entry export
  • Added config override to settings
  • Removed duplicate detection on Mailinglist export (no more dups EVER)
  • Added Mailing list names to mailing list export
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Export It 1.0.6 (Jan 01, 2012)

  • Fixed Matrix multi row issue
  • Added Author Info to Channel Entry export
  • Fixed file fieldtype URL conversion
  • Improved Channel File nodes within Channel_data to include details
  • Improved VMG Member nodes within Channel_data to include details
  • Finally added proper recursion to XML generator
  • Improved url_title method within Channel_data to create unique URLs
  • Updated settings model and update class to make MySQL strict mode compliant
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Export It 1.0.5 (Dec 14, 2011)

  • Fixed XML headers on API
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Export It 1.0.4 (Dec 07, 2011)

  • Fixed XML download issues
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Export It 1.0.3 (Dec 05, 2011)

  • Added Matrix FT support
  • Added Securit:ee FT support
  • Updated Channel Data and Member Data libraries to latest version
  • Added CartThrob fieldtype support
  • Fixed bugs with Disqus XML schema output
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Export It 1.0.2 (Dec 04, 2011)

  • Added Playa Support
  • Added Assets Support
  • Added Channel Videos Support
  • Added Channel Files Support
  • Added Tagger Support
  • Added VMG Chosen Member Support
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Export It 1.0.1 (Nov 18, 2011)

  • Added extension hooks for start and end API calls
  • Added credential check to API
  • Fixed Disqus export for entry URL
  • Removed password from member API
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Export It 1.0 (Nov 17, 2011)

  • Initial Release
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