Backup Pro 3.4 FAQ


The backup files are empty?!?

Likely, this is due to the directory being backed up doesn't have "read" permission. Check to make sure the folder is set to "755" if the folder is owned by a user different than PHP runs as.

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Will it work with Suhosin?

No. After extensive testing it's been shown that Suhosin causes numerous conflicts especially in terms of execution time.

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How do I configure Automat:ee and Backup Pro?

You have a couple options for integration between Automat:ee and Backup Pro.

  1. Within Automat:ee create a Cron job of the Get URL type and use the URL from Backup Pro for the backup type you want (file, db or combined). You can get he URL from Backup Pro’s “Cron Settings” page.
  2. Within Automat:ee create a Cron job of the Module type and select “M62 Backup” from the list of modules. Enter “cron” for the method and save. It should be noted that this method creates a combined backup.
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How can I set up a cron job in Rackspace? Default doesn’t work

Clinton R over at Q Digital Studio wrote up a detailed walk through of how to get Cron working with ExpressionEngine add-ons (including mine).

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What are empty files being created on Cron run?

That’s a side effect of your wget installation. You can set the command to not do that by, depending on your version of wget, adding a couple parameters. For example, I use the below:

wget "" -O /dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1

The above basically tells wget to take the output and throw it away.

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I get an error about setting an Encryption Key not being set. What's that about?

A couple add-ons use the encryption library for some security related things. One downside, if you can call it that, is that the encryption library requires an encryption key be set up within your EE config file. Ordinarily, configuring the encryption key is just prudent good sense when setting up an EE site so it’s a little concerning that you don't have one.

That said though, setting up an encryption key is easy. Just add the below to your ExpressionEngine config.php file (system/expressionengine/config/config.php) and you're good.

$config['encryption_key'] = "513jgTnTf3*,_v(M1>CZ5T=p%;nR|lx|M\'vLKh^u$*S46\bVh.ueWEcC`5of(:";

NOTE that the value is just a random string so feel free to modify the above to meet your needs.

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