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Today I'm proud to announce that my latest project, MojiTrac, a new project management system, has officially entered the beta phase and is ready for users to sign up and start using. Before I go into the details of what separates MojiTrac from the many other project management systems, here are the details of the beta:

  1. It's open to everyone
  2. It costs nothing
  3. There's no obligation to do anything
  4. You can have as many accounts as you want
  5. Feedback is appreciated but not required

Ok, that said, I can hear you now. "What hell? Another project management system?!?". Yup. But, MojiTrac's different. MojiTrac is all about options. Anyone who's ever used a project management system knows they're all about compromise. But compromising sucks. Nobody really likes it; we accept it because we have no choice. MojiTrac offers that choice. How?

First, MojiTrac is to be a hosted and download software, so you can sign up for accounts, hosted by MojiTrac, as well as purchase a copy to install on your own systems and network (more on this below). Hosted MojiTrac (what's in beta at the moment) would only allow access to first party modules and integrations but will also be the most bleeding edge in terms of features and functionality. Once MojiTrac has officially gone live, hosted accounts will be charged month to month with no commitment or anything dickish like that.

Next, MojiTrac is a project management system built for contractors and agencies in mind. To say MojiTrac works great with teams would be an understatement. Having worked as both a contractor and on teams, I am well aware of the complexities and issues a project management solution needs and have taken considerable care to ensure pain is minimal. MojiTrac, so far, contains:

  1. Projects
    - Team Management
  2. Tasks
  3. Files
  4. Invoicing
  5. Time Tracking
    - Automated Timer
    - Manual Entry
  6. User Management
    - Dynamic User Roles and Permissions
    - User Preferences
  7. Email Notifications
  8. Data Export
  9. Shared bookmarks, and notes
  10. An honest to goodness true REST API (with ACTUAL REST!)
  11. Localization, i18n, and all the expected goodies (English only for beta)

Third, and last for this post, MojiTrac is built from the ground up to be customized and tweaked till it's "just right" (for the installed versions only). Having worked with platforms like WordPress and ExpressionEngine all these years, I've really had it drilled into me the importance of having a solid extensibility model. And MojiTrac has solid one.

MojiTrac is built on with Zend Framework 2 so extensibility was baked right in since the entire framework follows an event based model. Really handy since things like extensions (using ExpressionEngine nomenclature) and modules are in there by default. If that doesn't make sense to you, suffice it to say that there is literally nothing in MojITrac that can't be overridden or changed to your liking without touching any core files. Very important for upgrades and stability.

In the coming months I'll go into the inner workings of MojiTrac and why it stands out but those are the high notes on what MojiTrac is and the long term goals.

So, with the functional beta, the idea is to get users to sign up and start using MojiTrac as their primary project management system so I can start collecting feedback on what works and what doesn't from a functionality standpoint. Note that now is not the time for feedback on the creative or design; a RWD version is in the works which will replace pretty much everything.

To collect feedback, each MojiTrac site will have its own Bugherd widget "thing". This way if any bugs or issues or whatever present themselves you can let me know with minimal pain. There's also a support forum setup on the mithra62 Support Portal for discussions and things like feature requests. All announcements will be published there so keep an eye on it if you want to stay informed. 

You can sign up for the MojiTrac beta from the signup page.

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Author: Eric Lamb

Eric is the CTO and founder of mithra62. He has been writing his own blog since 2008 and has been involved with the php community for years before that working within the entertainment industry.

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Tushar says:

Hi, thank you for explaining about the software the best part in this software is we can have as many accounts as we want . I will surely use this in my new project.

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